this is me

✨ tip - my name is pronounced like E-mily but without the 'e' (mi-lee)

who I am

hello! I'm Mily Sin; a UX/UI designer based in London with a strong passion for spotting opportunities for improvements in everyday things.

where I'm from

I studied BSc Business & Management and fell into the beauty industry during my industrial placement year. I worked at a global level in the marketing & product development teams and collaborated with cool and talented people to make my ideas for consumers come true, such as formulator scientists, project managers, engineers & manufacturers.

I've had the privilege to conceptualise and develop products for brands you may have heard of such as The Body Shop, Soap & Glory, No7 and ghd hair. They may even be sitting in your bathroom, right now. 👀

where I'm heading

I've developed many physical products that have contributed significantly the bottom line of companies. And for the end users I've served, I've given them effective and accessible products that are also a pleasure to use, many of which are regarded as "holy grail".

I learnt that I loved creating things that hit users at a deeper, more visceral level. as such, channelling my curiosity, rationale thinking and power of anticipating users needs to the invisible world of UX design is the most natural next chapter, for me.
my CV will be available upon request.

what I'm up to

👂🏼side-project #1
designing a personalised end-end experience for curated ear piercings and jewellery to increase the sales of Astrid & Miyu
💬 side-project #2
starting a podcast with Creative Strategist @Ka-Lok-Ho where we give each other free "creative therapy" as friends
📖 reading at night
"Everything is F*cked" by Mark Manson to understand how 'hope' can be harmful and ways we can focus to be better humans
🏋️ practicing
to lift and move heavier things at the gym - I have a goal right now of back squatting 60kg by my next birthday!

words I've published