who I am
I'm Mily (pronounced like Emily, without the E), a versatile and adaptable Product Designer. My whole career so far has been focused on providing user delight and hitting business goals.
what I've done
From studying Business & Management I entered the beauty industry for the first 6 years of my career. I worked at an international level in marketing and product development teams in brands such as The Body Shop, Soap & Glory, No7 and ghd hair, collaborating with cool and talented, creative and technical folks to conceptualise and develop physical products to solve consumer needs

In 2021 I decided to focus and grow my skills further specifically in digital products and user experience to solve problems in contexts that have faster and more immediate feedback loops
what I'm up to now
I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Tempo, a hiring platform for early career candidates, leading the end-to-end design of new features and redesigns across the full platform as their sole designer. I explore and develop opportunities to empower candidates in their career search and provide an efficient platform experience for clients seeking talent fast.
my interests
I recently bought adjustable dumbbells and a workout bench, which I'm incredibly chuffed with, I giggle that I no longer have to fight for equipment at the gym
If you have a mechanical keyboard we'll likely get along, I love making my keyboard sound satisfying (I am the colleague with a loud keyboard, yes)
I really like going camping, but I still haven't plucked up the courage to go wild camping, may be one day I will
I chat with people from time to time who would like a conversation about breaking into UX/UI design