#dailyui challenge

a practice to better my UI design skills and to have a bit of fun
challenge overview
design to a daily prompt sent to your inbox, everyday, for 100 days & share it to gather feedback
to improve my UI design skills, challenge my prioritisation skills, have fun and to partake more actively in the design community by sharing my work
June 2021 - present
(personal) rules
to expend a maximum of 1 hour per day
project toolkit
day 1 - 50: Adobe XD
day 51 - 100: Figma
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
what is the "dailyUI" challenge
a series of design challenges for 100 days. you design to a prompt which is sent daily to your inbox on active days. participants can share their designs with the wider design community on platforms such as dribbble or twitter. I upload to both!
why do I do it?
I'm aware that my UI design skills could be further developed. I also acknowledged that it would be a good way to practice prototyping and producing mock ups faster! from day 1 to day 50, I have been using Adobe XD. as I am approaching day 51, I will transition to figma. this activity is also for fun and it also became an opportunity to receive feedback and appreciation which has built my confidence as a UX designer that can also chip in on the UI side.
day 1 - 50
learnings so far

prioritising effectively

I will put my hands up to say that I haven't strictly followed the timings strictly and designed everyday - but that's okay, because I know that each time I skip a day, I have made an active decision to prioritise other work or to take small breaks to be inspired by other things.

practicing new programs has been exciting

I've dabbled in quite a few programs of the adobe suite so far, including: XD, after effects, illustrator and photoshop. it's interesting from a UX design perspective to consider how designers, design programs, that help other designers, design.

appreciation is motivation and feedback

sharing content almost daily on dribbble has been highly rewarding and has been my playground to try out new styles or concepts. it's interesting to note which of my dribbble shots have received a lot of clicks or even landed on the their new & noteworthy page (a section of dribbble which is a curated feed of the best work being posted by up-and-coming designers)

some designs don't do so well, but that's okay too! it's an opportunity to figure out why.
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